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50th Annual Meeting

April 16 @ 6:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Dear Members,

Due to COVID-19 gathering restrictions, the 50th Annual Meeting and Celebration we had had planned the evening of April 16th, 2021 at Old Hickory must be cancelled.

We are required by State and Federal regulations, as well as our By-Laws, to hold an annual meeting every year. After consulting with our regulators and the Virginia Credit Union League the best course to fulfill the requirement is to still hold the meeting on the evening of the 16th of April, but hold it virtually. While this is not what we wanted, it is how we must proceed.

The State Code and our By-Laws define a quorum to conduct business at the Annual Meeting as a minimum of 10 members. To meet this requirement and to keep the virtual meeting manageable we are asking 10 members to commit to logging in to the meeting and to act as voting members for conducting business and voting in the Board of Directors elections. We have the 10 volunteers from the membership needed to attend the meeting. These members will be emailed a link to the annual meeting and only they will be admitted once verified. This link will also contain the agenda for the meeting.

The meeting will be moderated by the CEO and conducted by the President of the Board of Directors. Members will be muted until business is to be conducted (motions called for and seconded, elections). When voting, a roll will be called and the members will be polled for their individual vote so an accurate count can be taken.

Nominating Committee Results

The results of the Nominating Committee are as follows:

For the three Board Member seats up for re-election, the Committee nominates the following to continue serving for another three-year term:

ROBERT POMIETTO, currently serving as Board President

IRENE CROMER, currently serving as Board Secretary

DONALD CAHILL, currently serving Board Member

Additionally, the Committee nominates for ratification the appointment of the following to fill the vacancy caused by the departure of Jacob Mosser, whose term expires in 2023:

DAVID COX, appointed February 16, 2021

After the Nominating Committee has given the results there will be a call for nominations from the floor. If there are no nominations from the floor, a motion can be made for a unanimous ballot to be cast.

To minimize feedback we ask that everyone attending be in a quiet area and use only one microphone/speaker source. The use of external speakers and your device’s speakers creates the distracting feedback and echoing that make virtual meetings difficult to get through.

The hope is we can be finished in about 30 minutes.

Again, this is not the way we wanted to have our 50th Annual Meeting. We wanted a time of celebration and to look forward to the next 50 years. Unfortunately, just like COVID-19, it has become something we will get through with each other.

Thank you for your understanding and your help.



Robin Bodie, CEO

PWC Employees Credit Union


April 16
6:30 pm - 7:00 pm


Robin Bodie

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