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CU FLEXTeller/Online Banking
Be able to view and access your accounts any time of the day or night! Use our online banking service, CU FLEXTeller. Contact PWC Employees Credit Union at (703) 680-1143 or (703) 369-7333 to receive a password. You will be asked to change the password the first time you sign in.

Steps to Activate CU FlexTeller Online Banking

Go to ””
Click on “Click Here to log into your account” or visit the login page at
User ID = your account number (NO preceding zeroes)
1st time password = last four digits of your SSN (this is a temporary password)
The next screen is “Enrollment Agreement.” Please select “Yes, enhance security.”
You will then be asked to select a picture, then choose and respond to three separate questions. Please remember your picture and your responses!
Click “Confirm/Continue”
This will take you back out to the login screen, where you need to put in your User ID (Account #) and the last four digits of your SSN again.
You will next be asked to select your picture, and respond to one of the questions you answered.
With correct responses, the next screen will be to change the current password (the last four digits of your SSN) to a permanent password of your choosing.

Bill Pay

PWC Employees Credit Union offers online bill pay.  The first 30 days of this service is free. After that, you must use the service to make at least one payment every thirty days, or you will be assessed a fee of $5.75.

With Bill Pay you can:

* save time, stamps, and envelopes
* control when your payments are made
* schedule payments up to one year in advance, if needed
* receive bills electronically
* review up to 12 months’ of payments
* pay all your bills from one site – safely and securely for more information.

Getting started is easy!

*Log on to our Home Banking, CU FlexTeller, at our website, or by clicking here.
*Under “Services” click on the “Bill Payer” option. (Please note, if you use pop-up blocker software, you will need to turn it off while using Bill Pay, as some of the screens are configured as pop-up boxes. )
*Go to Biller Setup and click on “Add a Bill.” (“Quick Add” lets you add a bill by typing in a telephone number and/or account number for your Biller. “Custom Add” requires additional information such as company name and address to be filled out. If you use “Quick Add” and Bill Payer does not recognize the account number and/or telephone number, please use the “Custom Add” tool).

Why write checks?

Eliminate the possibility of your check being lost in the mail and pay your bills from the convenience of your home, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week! You can even set up “Bill Reminders” to remind you when a bill is due. The system will then send you an email reminder.

If you have any questions once you are enrolled, call the 24-Hour Bill Pay Support Line at 1-888-918-7576. This number can also be used when the Bill Pay product is not available on-line, and you urgently need to schedule or cancel an online bill payment. You will be asked to provide personal information, such as your account number or Social Security number, to verify your identity.

Mobile Banking

PWC ECU’s mobile banking app can be found in the Apple App Store or Google’s PlayStore. Our app is our blue and yellow logo, with PWC ECU underneath. You need to be a PWC ECU member with CU FlexTeller online banking access. Please ensure that your email address is correct before you download the app, so you can receive the necessary authorization code to activate your mobile banking product.

P.A.T. (Phone Anytime Teller)

Call 703-680-5066 to access your account by telephone, 24 hours a day. You can check your balances, review transaction history, make funds transfers, or request check withdrawals. For phone tree chart, please click the following link: PAT Phone Anytime Teller

VISA Debit Card/ATM Card

Access your credit union account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a VISA Debit check card or ATM card. Use your PWC ECU card at financial institutions displaying both CUHere/CU24 network logos or at our ATM located outside the Magistrate’s Office, at the Adult Detention Center, in Manassas, in the lobby at the Edward Kelley Leadership Building at Independent Hill, Manassas, and in the vestibule or at our drive-thru at our branch at 12715 Ridgefield Village Dr. in Woodbridge, for no surcharge transactions. Click here for more information about our VISA Debit Card/ATM Card.

Click here for a find a surcharge free ATM near you.

MAKE your PWC ECU VISA credit card payment

MAKE your PWC ECU VISA credit card payment by clicking here.

Got ScoreCard points you want to use? Call Customer Service at 1-800-854-0790.
Travel Services 1-800-842-3006 or go to

EZ Card Logo

Multi-Factor Authentication

PWC ECU has taken steps to protect our members’ information and accounts, while providing a balance of convenience and security. With the latest safeguards in place, CU FlexTeller online banking and Bill Pay will continue to be tremendous time-savers for our members.
We encourage you to do your part in keeping your account safe and secure. Please shred unneeded statements and receipts, guard your PINs and passwords and monitor your accounts often for signs of fraud.
If you experience any difficulties, or need assistance, please contact one of our Member Service Reps at (703) 680-1143 or (703) 369-7333.

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