Employees Credit Union

Direct deposit and payroll deduction are very easy to set up with PWC Employees Credit Union.  Direct deposit will tell your employer to send your entire paycheck to us. Payroll deduction will tell your employer to send a portion of your paycheck to your savings account. This does not affect where your direct deposit goes.

Please contact the credit union at (703) 680-1143 and ask for a Payroll Deduction Authorization form to be forwarded to you.

You will need this form to start a payroll deduction, as well as to change your deductions.

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Annual Meeting Update - Volunteers Needed!

Due to COVID-19 gathering restrictions, our 50th Annual Meeting by necessity must be held remotely. The virtual meeting will still be held Friday, April 16th at 6:00 pm.

We are asking for 10 members to commit to attend so we have a quorum to conduct the business required and elect the Board of Directors.  If you are willing to commit to attending, please email Becky Brown,, with your name, member number, email address and best telephone number.

We are sorry it has come to this as we were looking forward to having a great 50th anniversary celebration. It is, however, the only way to keep the meeting and voting process manageable while keeping everyone safe.


Robin Bodie, CEO