Employees Credit Union

Identity Verification Notice

In order to comply with the U.S. Patriot Act, PWC Employees Credit Union is required to verify the identity of people applying for, and opening new accounts or services with the credit union.

Information we are required to obtain includes:
Name, residential and mailing addresses, tax identification number, date of birth, and a copy of a government-issued photo ID.

Two IDs are required to open an account. One form of identification must be a photo ID, such as a(n):

Un-expired state driver’s license
Military ID card
Immigration card
Any other form of government-issued ID
Employer-issued photo ID
Student ID card

Other acceptable identification documents for the second ID include:

Certified Birth Certificates
Pay Stubs
Immigration Documents
Un-expired employment authorization documents
Utility Bills

If you do not have this information with you at the time you make your request, we will not be able to complete the transaction until it is provided.

Please note:

If a staff member of PWC Employees Credit Union asks you to provide a photo ID, the request is not meant to invade your privacy or not to acknowledge you, if you are a long-time member. We are simply complying with this federal regulation that is designed to protect you from identity theft, and to protect the credit union from being used for criminal activity. This U.S. Patriot Act requires us to maintain records of the identification verification and to periodically update this information.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!