Employees Credit Union

Supervisory Committee Supervisory Committee Auditor
Robert L. Mann, LLC
Certified Public Accountant
PO Box 746
Fredericksburg, VA 22404

SUPERVISORY COMMITTEE AUDIT The Supervisory Committee recently distributed a notice to all members, requesting you to verify that the balances listed on your March 31, 2021 account statement are accurate. If you did not receive your March 31, 2021 account statement or if you find discrepancies on the statement, please contact the Supervisory Committee Auditor at:

50th Annual Meeting 50th Annual Meeting Update April 16th, 2021 THIS MEETING WILL BE VIRTUAL DUE COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS We have the 10 volunteers from the membership Time: 6:30 PM needed to attend this virtual meeting Please click below for the details regarding the upcoming meeting. Click Here for more info COVID-19 For the most up to date COVID-19 information Protective masks are required for entry CLICK HERE Corona Virus Image Stop Sign COVID-19 INFORMATION Social distancing rules are in effect Mobile Wallets PWC ECU Debit and Credit Cards Google, Samsung, and Apple Pay! Goggle Pay For more information on Mobile Wallets CLICK HERE Samsung Pay Apple Pay Google Pay Icon Samsung Pay Icon Apple Pay Icon A New Way To Pay Can now be used with Contact PWC Employees Credit Union Verify My Contact Information Verify Beneficiary Get started on your 2021 "To Do List" Contact us Today Card Valet Take Charge of your debit card! *Turn card "On" or "Off" *Enter travel notifications *Set usage alerts AND MORE! Look for the CardValet logo On Google Play and iTunes today! on the Other Side and You Deserve to find out Sometimes the Grass is Greener Membership has its Benefits! Join today Purchase and Refinance * Subject to normal credit approval. Some restrictions may apply. Ask about our Auto Loan Rates as low as 1.99% * We have 3 Loan Officers ready to assist you! EASY to APPLY Auto Rates Check out our great auto rates! Click here! Brand new car

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As the weather warms up and people are more active, so are the scam artists. They are more sophisticated than ever and modern technology makes it easier than ever to scam you. Here are three easy ways to protect yourself:

  1. Know you will never receive a call, email, or text from us to "verify" your personal information.
  2. Written correspondence from us should always be verified as legitimate by going to our website or by calling us.
  3. Never give your personal, private information to anyone you do not know for a fact is an employee.

If something does not look, sound, or feel right, it probably is not. Never hesitate to call us if you have a question.


Robin Bodie, CEO