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VISA CREDIT CARD UPDATE - 2:45 pm 7/21/2020


DO NOT MAIL PAYMENTS TO THE OLD ADDRESS IN CAROL STREAM, ILLINOIS. Payments made to this address will be returned to you. Payments should be mailed to: PWC ECU, 12715 Ridgefield Village Drive, Woodbridge, VA 22193

We are experiencing significant delays in receiving payments mailed to the old address between 6/15/2020 and 7/15/2020. When we do receive them they will be posted effective the date the check was written and any accrued finance charge will be refunded. There will be no late fees assessed or late payments reported due to this delay.


Issues with the new Visa credit cards not working at Costco continue to be reported. The issue has been confirmed by Costco as an internal issue with their software. They are in the process of resolving the problem and hope to have it corrected in the next two weeks.


Your previous bonus point program expired on June 30. You have until August 31 to redeem your points for valuable merchandise and travel rewards. Visit or call 800-854-0790 to redeem. Please have your old card number available in case it is required for redemption.

REGISTER YOUR CARD ONLINE BY CLICKING HERE.  This is the best way to monitor your credit card account

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.